Protocol and Study

Health professionals can access the PPB Registry Treatment and Biology Study Protocol Portal for more details and participant enrollment forms.

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Include Your Child

Family members can enroll their child using a consent form to authorize their child’s hospital and physicians to share information with the PPB/DICER1 Registry.

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Over 25 Years

Financial gifts in any amount
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The International Pleuropulmonary Blastoma (PPB) / DICER1 Registry is a resource for physicians, healthcare providers and families, offering valuable information about this rare childhood lung tumor. We encourage the collection of biological data to seek the cause of PPB and its possible genetic links, as well as collaborate with physician and families around the world in caring for those diagnosed with PPB.

PPB/DICER1 Registry Goals


Offer real-time central pathology review available for all suspected cases of PPB


Provide latest PPB diagnostic and treatment information to medical providers


Encourage Registry enrollment for all confirmed cases of PPB to add to the Registry's body of knowledge


Further explore potential genetic causes of PPB and PPB-related diseases


Provide education and support services to families worldwide while disseminating Registry findings within the medical community

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