May 14-15, 2016 DICER1 Symposium for healthcare professionals


The inaugural two day DICER1 conference was held in May 2016 at the Minneapolis campus of Children’s Minnesota. The focus was on the biologic, clinical and translational aspects of the multidisciplinary work in the field of tumors related to DICER1, and the need for better treatment options which are necessary to cure the worst types of PPB.

In all, 55 multidisciplinary medical professionals attended the Symposium. These disciplines included: medical physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, genetics counselors, and clinical research staff. Attendees came from around the U.S., and from countries as far away as Moscow, Russia.

The conference included presentations of the unique histology of DICER1 tumors; genetics of the DICER1 syndrome; tumor biology of PPB and SLCT; pulmonary developmental mouse models recapitulating Type I PPB; miRNA studies including the critical role of the let-7 family miRNA; and clinical management of PPB and OTST. In addition, posters were presented, and a special workshop was held to develop a new regimen to best treat Type II and Type III PPB.